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Monday, January 7, 2008

Time of Post: 2:00 pm
Mood: Tired =.=

It has been quite some time that i have updated or even been on this account. Though i have few ppl on my friends list (basicly just 2) i doubt i'll have much of a comment, but hopefully i'll have my friends list grow before the day ends.

-=[current situation]=-
Today i returned to school from my winter break. Thus my sleeping time is quite screwed up at the moment...but i trust that it will get back on track soon. The room i'm in right now is hot...I hope they turned the A/C on and not the fricken heater. Yes, i was correct..the heater was on...not the A/C...fricken a-holes.

It's only be the first day of my last semester and i have loads of work to do...best get to it right now. Best of day to you all.


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