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Friday, January 12, 2007

Sick... still.

Yes. I've been on and off sick for the past 4 or 5 days. First I had an allergic reaction and now I have the Flu. It kind of comes and goes though. Sucksorz. :/

MY HAIR was really greasy because I didn't shower for a day (I slept all day!) so I did that. It always feels good to shower when you're dirty. :3

ALSO, I saw a new movie called Crank. FREAKING AWESOME. It was really fast paced and just... awesome.

Oh, I rented Elebits and Elite Beat Agents (which I haven't played). Elebits surprisingly rocks my socks off. I was taken aback at bit. The controls are very... flowy... and you really get into the game. Much props to Konami for that one.

ALSO! I've decided to do a sort of... Question of the Day thing. Sometimes I will post an entry, sometimes I won't, but now there will always be the QotD to look forward to.

So... here's White's first QotD: "Do you visit OtakuBoards?"

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