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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sick Music

Yay for being sick. I actually had an allergic reaction this morning so I had to stay home from school. I'm better now but I do wish we knew what I was allergic too. :/

Hopefully tommorow I'll be able to go to HMV and buy a new CD. I've already decided which one I'm going to get (The Very Best of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, YEAH). My Dad actually got me into Frankie Valli (they've been like his favourite band since he was a kid, long before the British Invasion in the 60s) so that's cool. I don't normally share music taste with my Dad.

Well, that's all I've really got to say for now. Bye!

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Friday, January 5, 2007

My quiz got accepted at theOtaku! Go check it out now! "What Mario enemy are you?"

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Alright! Whoring out for the win! Because of Allie's whoring in that ONE post, I've now got like 4 new visitors to myO.

I also joined that Padawan thing since I fail at HTML. But I'm pro at photoshop so I may be able to help out in that area. *shrug*

ALSO, this is the first time I've ever posted something within like 2 months of the last post (let alone 1 DAY) so yay! I remembered myO! Having it on your toolbar helps.


*laughs at the WTF FTW titles*

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007


You know what? I'm starting to wonder if anybody even reads these freaking blogs. I mean, I realize I don't post often (I try to remember, I do!) but still.. I've got like a grand total of a one comment average per blog post.

Is it cause I'm a mod? People are too shy to post? That can't be right. Do I not post enough blogs or something? HELP ME. I want to be popular. ;-;

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm back (again)!

Hey, hey!

Alright, so let's see... it seems I have a bad habit of saying I'll continue posting here and forgetting (which is extremely odd considering I visit OB once a day) so I've now made myO my homepage. XD

Anyways, time for the up to date blurb. I'm now in Grade 11, still single, I've got a lot more homework, I was made the Moderator of Play It on OtakuBoards (whoo!), and I got a Nintendo DS!

Umm, so maybe I should do an actual post this time. Saw III comes out in like 4 days and I'll be seeing that ASAP... Nintendo Wii comes out on my birthday (November 19th!) and I'm getting one... that's about it. Bye!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm back!

Hello, OBers!

First of all, sorry to those avid readers of myO (which I doubt exist). Since my girlfriend dumped me, and with Christmas and exams and whatnot, I really haven't had the chance to post here.

But now I'm back! To bring you up to date, my girlfriend dumped me after 3 months of going out, she and my best friend like eachother, I changed my username to White, I got voted out of OBSurvivor at 5 people and I started OB Apprentice which is now underway

That's just about all the important stuff. I'll post tommorow with a more exuberent story. ;D

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Movies and much more!

Well, I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this past Saturday.

If you thought Prisoner of Azkaban was creepy then you will pee your pants watching GoF. It's very dark and spooky at some parts.

Although I haven't read the 4th novel, everyone I've talked to about it says it didn't stay true to the book. I guess, now that I think about it, It really doesn't.

But, in my opinion, it is still the best of the four that are out. Very action-packed.

Anyways, on a brighter note.. July 17th... children and adults alike will swarm the theatres... you will cry, you will get angry, you will jump with joy... for July 17th, the Eragon movie comes out in a theatre near you. See DragonRiders.co.uk for more information.

*squee* I love the Eragon trilogy. Even though I am only half way through the first book (^^;) I cannot wait for the movie to come out. The actor playing Eragon is not well-known (much like Daniel Radcliffe, before Harry Potter) so that's neat. Ah, well. That's all the time I have for today.

Bye, everyone! (...Did I just squee?)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Go, go, Mario!

I'd like to start of by saying "Go OBS"! It's now up and running and I have posted twice.

So far, I'm loving it. It's tons of fun and is the perfect RP in my eyes.

If you wish to read it, you can view it in the Adventure Square category of OtakuBoards. It's a fun read!

It's funny, since I signed-up for OBS:Go! I have been playing Mario games non-stop. I beat Mario Party Advance, and while I was writing both my posts I was playing Mario Party 7 (playing as Mario, too.)! Mario is the bob-omb! (/bad pun)

Anyway, on Friday, my girlfriend and I are going out to see the new Harry Potter movie. I don't really want to see it but I usually only get to see my girlfriend 4 times a week, so it'll be fun.

Well, I'll keep you updated throughout the week and such. Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's-a me, Lrb White!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my new Otaku! I'll be using this as a blog type journal thing so stay tuned for I'll update it often.

First off.. On November 9th I had the privalege of meeting the Prime Minister of Canada (and Minister Stronach)! It was really neat. He came to my highschool to answer questions that some of the kids had. He never really answered the question directly and beat around the bush but whatever. It was still fun. So, have you had a chance to meet your President/Prime Minister? If so, I wanna hear about it! Leave comments, please. ^~^

Second of all.. Some of you may know Sandy from OtakuBoards. Well, he recently started an RP called OtakuBoards: Survivor and 31 members signed up to try and get in. I know, eh? 31! Anyways, only 18 were to make the cut. And of those 18 that made it, I was one (making it in as Mario)! I feel pretty proud of myself. ^^; So, to celebrate, I have Mario in my banner and avatar. I think it looks good, don't you?

Well, that's it for todays entry. See you soon!

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