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Hello all, I am new to anime and my only favorite at the moment is Inuyasha. I love Lord Sesshomaru and I also adore Rin, I like a few of the characters. I'm pretty friendly but I don't take kindly to immaturity, just to warn you. I'd love to talk to some of you artists,maybe 1 of u could be my artist for my oc's.

It is very cool to have an imagination and I don't want to offend you great artists here but I'll feel like I'm going to explode if I don't get my opinions out.

Kagome and Inuyasha

(This is not to offend anyone but I need to get this out. Although I do like drawings of Inuyasha's potential children, IF Inuyasha & Kagome had kids, they would not have dog ears because Kagome is full human & Inyasha is half human meaning the kid will be 75% human & only 25% demon so the child will most likely look like Kagome $ Inuyasha's human form. Also even if Kagome did get pregnant with a hanyou baby, her priestess powers would purify the demon in it and that would kill it. Please do not be offended but this.)

Sesshoumaru-Sama and Rin

(They are NOT lovers, if you read the managa, then you can see it is more like a father/daughter relationship with them.)

There, I just had to get all that out, like I said, I do enjoy the pictures and drawings of potential babies and of Sesshomaru and all that, but I had to state it how I see it. It is ok to have a imagination though