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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's that time of the month again >:[
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Some people here piss me off.
Not you guys of course.

But when I look at the Member List, a see a bunch of usernames (some being utterly ridiculous), click on them & then carefully consider them to be a waste of webspace. I mean, really, are these people so, I don't even know the word! Makes me wanna just type randomly.


That made me feel a little bit better.

Anyways. I wanna spruce up this webpage. But, I don't know how. I don't want to do a layout, I just want a little CSS coding there and a little CSS coding here. Is that so hard to do? Okay, so maybe, yes. Being away from the computer has made me forget all of these coding tricks. ;_;

I made lunch today because my poor daddy's sick. Making barbeque last night with no proper shirt on & drinking expired beer does things to you, I guess. Doesn't anyone look at the expiration date?

So, I made chicken burgers, with a side of salad and one pickle. Mmm. Yummy. The dishes aren't washed because no one wants to wash them. *taha, me and my brother* I say, you should wash because I made lunch. He says, you wash because I went to summer school.

Boohoo you. Is it my fault you were sent to Summer School? Go wash the dishes and repent! I should've said. ;_; But I didn't, because I was tired of dealing with my brother's Summer School crap. Anyways. I've just heard news that we are taking a family trip to a mountain? And Wyoming? I dunno. My daddy was telling me something like that, that's why we've been going shopping. Well,1) for the shoes of the wedding and 2) well, we haven't done 2 yet. But I hope 2 includes going to downtown San Diego, visiting the Horton Plaza and hopefully going to Urban Outfitters and buying that dream bag I wanted since I was looking for a 'dream bag'.

And the last epidode of Hwang Jini is today! OMFGBBQPLATTER! Last episode was so, ugh. Jini and her hubby was in argument, then Jini fell down and then she had a miscarriage. Oh the pain! Oh the tears. And when her friend Danshim aka Gaetong brought her son over to comfort her, she cried. I was like. NUUU! No crying.

Aw man. Aw, man. Anyways. I'm watching another kdrama. Or a dramedy. Muwahaha. It's called Hello, my Lady. I like it. A lot. It's set in modern rather than Hwang Jini thats set in those historical periods. But it makes a Hwang Jini reference! Haha. The guy in HML, Ji-hoon aka Donggyu is kinda cute. And he sings well too. Mmm. Very appealing. *wink* Okay, so no wink. But he's cute okay? The cousin, isn't so. I don't like his eyes.

Here's a link: Linky link.

I'm going now. I feel like a shower.
Can't you tell it's that time of the month?

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