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Friday, July 6, 2007

Mmm. Honey roasted peanuts.
BG By Vintage Fairy
So, I was thinking.
Aince I'm revamping Death by JROCK. I should do something right?
I have alot of online side projects in my head.

Anyways. My 4th was kinda boring, kinda fun? We picnicked at the park. I rode my brother's bike. Had a very un-American picnic. Squid, fishies, and hotdogs. I forgot the cookies and the chippies. But that's okay.

Summer isn't all that great. I'm pretty bored. I need something to do. Give me Photoshop. Give me a recipe. Anything to keep me occupied.

Stupid pageants. With all the nudey photos resufacing. Can't we all just say, we're all beautiful. Now get on with your lives. Who made this pageant anyway. I'm gonna rant soon. Okay, so not.

Have you seen Hwang Jini. OMFGBBQSTICKS.

I love this KDRAMA. Watch it. I demand ye.

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