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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

it's been a rather dismal day
BG By Vintage Fairy
The last day of school.
I hope my grades aren't as bad as they were on the Progress Reports. I've gone down 2nd semester. I don't know what happened. Boys happened. Shit happened? Hope for me, yes?

Today has been chill. Not cool chill, but boring chill. I hate this chill. I'm gonna be shot down with grades. All I seem to worry about is my grades.

I'm gonna die from my grades. I hope my mom doesnt yell at me when she sees them. I thought I was doing so well, what the hell happened? I might have to take EXCEL again. I hate Excel. It's so boring. I understand if I need it for math, but English? Bitch, I pass english so why give me a low grade? Stupid assignments.

I should stop talking about grades. It's making me moody. Actually, I'm moody now.

Okay, I'll shut up. Maybe a better tomorrow. Yah?

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