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Monday, May 28, 2007

BG By Vintage Fairy
Today was another birthday at the same house. It was nice because it was a 'silent party'. No big stuff. Just immediate family.

After that we went shopping which was nice because I haven't gone shopping in a long-ass time! I bought a couple shirts and nice pants. My dad says to wait until we arrive on the East Coast, then we can go on an all-out shopping spree.

Yay, for shopping sprees! I made a list of what places to go to.

We're going to the East 'cause my Auntie's gonna be married. Which, is nice. I guess. I just hope it's not gonna be too hot. We're going there in August which is almost September, someone tell me. August weather cools down, right?

Anyways. Before we left, we got a banana split. & it was DELICIOUS! >.< OMG. I never had one in my whole entire life! And thank goodness they ran out of Rocky Road, cause I picked Almond Paline. And it tastes soooo GOOD! When I go gorcery shopping with mother, I will look for that ice cream and buy it.

We alos got some new kitchenware. Which is nice because now, I have a rolling pin. & you know that means? Yes. I get to bonk people with it! No, just kidding. I'll attempt at baking something. Ferget cookies. & brownies. Something with a rolling pin, recipe. Anyone know?

Well, that was my fill on the day.

*kissy face*


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