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Monday, November 22, 2004

UH !!!!!!!!!!!I am so SAD!!!!!!!!!
I am so fricken' sad/mad!!!!! It seems as if I am useless! My friend at school (who has been my friend since kinergarden) is being abused at home by her father of whom I strongly dislike and I can't help her!!!! When I try it seems as if it is doing nothing!!!!! And her idiotic, pervertive, moronic brothers don't help, they are partly the reason!!! They scare away all her friends so they never come back or arn't allowed back! Then just resently she was molested by a family member!!!! We even went to the counselors and told them and they told the police but it did no good seeing that police decided not to believe her! Why...someone just tell me why, she doesn't deserve what is happening to her!!! No one deserves that kind of treatment!!! She is one of the most kind, sweet person I have ever met...sometimes I wonder how she manages to remain looking so happy just to make her friends happy... I'm sorry to those people who are listening to me right now who don't care you shouldn't have to listen to my problems...but I just had to get out my anger(sadness)somewhere...! And thank you to those people who do care...
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