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Monday, November 22, 2004

Chapter one: How it started

***Before reading this I think I should tell you right now that my story is copyrighted [or is in the process]and please do not steal my idea or any of my characters***

It has been two hundred years since the days of old... and also two

hundred years since the cursed first walked amond other people. In

those times every living thing seemed to know it's purpose where

young LaTara Uriurimusu lived, all except her. LaTara Uriurimusu was a

young Japanese/Cherokee indian woman with beauty and virtue that

was yearning to release itself and be free but never had a chance to

in the life of a woman that was only expected to live up to the

life of a young cherokee slave. For LaTara lived in a wealthy village

with people that thought her only purpose was to work in fields

because of her mixed blood and as they said not worthy of her royal

heritage. And for that as their reason they made her a slave and

with no live mother to stand up for her who was to stop them!

When LaTara was only nineteen she was brutally murdered! There

are many stories and legends that supposedly tell by who and why this

happened. Many believe these "stories" are nothing more then

myths but I know different... Though there are many stories only

one is true. It is a remarkable story. One of courage, magic and

promises that are better kept.How would I know about such things

you may ask...and my answer would have to be that I saw it happen.

You may not understand and call me crazy thinking that I can not trick

you into believeing me for I said myself that it happened hundreds of

years ago. I will tel you now that there are others ways to see things

without being there while it is happening. And I tell you right now

that if you do not even consider that this could happen or have no

imagination you should put this book down and never pick it up


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