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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Well... As of right now, things aren't lookin too good for me. I'm home from school again. And I'm pretty much bawling my eyes out. With my entire body feeling like dung XD, and I miss my dogs again. I just feel terrible.
So once again, I won't be visiting sites today.

I want a new dog so bad.. I miss Casey and Zeus, and it's hard without them. But the house is just too empty. It doesn't feel like home when I expect to see a nose poking through the door the moment I get home, but everytime I open the door, there's nothing there.
I really appreciate all of you being here for me. It makes me feel better, at least mentally.
I know I can count on you guys.
I'm going to take a nap now. try and get myself better before tonight. cuz i really want to go to Frankenmuth with my family. I haven't been with them in a while and I was excited to go. but then I got sick..
Oh well.. What happens happens..

The Date Rape video I have on my site stopped the crying for a few minutes.. So that's a good thing..

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