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Thursday, December 14, 2006

So do you like the new look? I thought I'd at least stick with the Inuyasha theme. But I like Sesshoumaru so much better. ^^ And these pictures are beautiful. Props to the makers!

There's something wrong with my throat. It feels like something's stuck in it and it's blocking off my wind pipe sorta. It sucks when I have to skate. Even though I use my inhaler, it still doesn't help. It didn't help too much before.. I need a stronger prescription. XD
I want mother to take me to the doctor's but she doesn't know when that would be.. D: I really need to gooo....
*coughing fit*
Sorry.. I've been coughing really bad too..

Well, I just wanted to drop in and say hello, and make a quick post before I go watch CATS. Has anybody seen that? It's the broadway musical. It's so amazing! Me and my two friends one be cats next year for Halloween. XD And not some sissy store-bought stuff. Oh no, we're gonna go all out! ^^
Well... I'm off.
Take care!
And thank you Lytjuh, Jaguar and EdwardElricThe2nd for sending me those adorable Holiday cards! I love them alllll!!
*huggles you all to death*

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