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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh boy do I love you guys!
Whenever I tell a story about skating, more than half of you usually tell me how "amazing" you are at skating. It brightens up my day. And a lot of you tell me I should teach you how to skate. I'd love to do that actually. ^_^ Although I'm not much of a teacher, I could teach you some of the basics! ^^ I'd be more than happy. Too bad you are all so spread out. Maybe I'll open up a rink and give lessons to people. XD

Well, my last post was prior to my team's competition, and this one is after, so that means...... I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU ALL!
My team got second place!
It was really exciting. But it was a rough program cuz we had to completely turn around our program so we were facing the judges, and we got mxed up in a few things. But that's alright.. I suppose. And we had 3 falls, which is definitely unusual. But somehow we managed to still place second. So all is well. ^_^

I'll try to get to everybodys sites. I'll look for updates from over the weekend as well.

And I was so excited, because this competition was held in Cape Cod, MA! We flew into Boston and stayed the night there Thursday night. Then Friday we spent the day shopping around Boston. It's so nice there. I'd love to live in Boston. But then we went to Falmouth and stayed there until This morning, when we flew back home.
All-in-all it was a great trip. I had so much fun. But I really missed you guys! *huggles you all*

I might change my theme again. I don't feel like fixing the wallpapers and such so I'll justchange the theme althogether. ^^ So keep an eye out for that!
Well, I guess I'm of to visit everybody!
Take care!

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