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Saturday, December 2, 2006

I've been so busy lately. Skating's starting to get difficult and very busy with all these upcoming competitions Which, speaking of, my team is competing today. Wish us luck! ^_^
I'm excited to compete but also a little scared. Yestrday in the locker room, while we were packin up to leave, my coach asked me if I could wait cuz she had something she needed to say after all the girls left. So I said sure. But I noticed that two of the girls weren't leaving. So it almost instantly clicked what was going to happen. And it makes sese why my coaches decided what they did, but I feel horrible having to see it happen in front of my face. And then find that I might have to be the one who tells the rest of the girls on the team.. But here's what was said..
My coach asked these two girls if they felt they were 100% with the footwork and everything we're doing and they both said no. They've been having trouble, and they're constantly not doing the footwork or on the wrong feet, and in synchronized skating, not only does that look bad, but it's HORRIBLY dangerous as well. People get hurt. But what y coaches had decided was that they were gonna take these towo out of the program for today for competition and they she really wants to see them get back in. Possibly when we go to Cape Cod next weekend, but she's not sure about that yet. So we now have one practice thtat I could potentially have to lead. Potentially. XD
That freightens me. I've never really had to lead anything like this before, nor have I ever had to tell somebody such bad news like I could have to today.. I just hope Heather (my coach) can make it to practice today.

Well..That is all my friends!
I'm really sorry I javen't visited much lately, but like I said, I've been vrey busy. And I'm sure you can understand. ^^
Take care!

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