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Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm so SO sorry for not being around you guys! I really didn't mean to let this get to me so bad. I've such a bum when it comes to MyO. And as of right now, I've visited and commented on everybody's sites that have updated today, which was quite a few of you. ^_^ And even a couple who posted a few days ago. Which I'm glad I did.

It seems I've missed quite a bit in my absence and I hope I can catch myself up on everything that has been going on with all of you.

Now I know many of you probably won't realize I have posted, which is perfectly fine with me, seeing as it is starting to get late. But there's still a few of you crazies out there that go online in the middle of the night. ^_~ You guys are my favorites! XD

So this weekend, my skating team competed in Kalamazoo... Yea, that didn't go over too well. And we DEFINITELY didn't do well. >_< Oooooh welllzzzzzz... Better luck next time I suppose.

I guess that's really all I have to say. Take care my friends! And have a Happy Thanksgiving! I don't knwo how often I'll be on over the next week or so. but it will be very speratic I'm sure. ^_^
Farewell, NEVER goodbye.

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