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Saturday, November 11, 2006

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"And with a sad heart I say bye to you and wave
Kicking shadows on the street for every mistake that I had made
And like a baby boy I never was a man
Until I saw your blue eyes cry and I held your face in my hand
And then I fell down yelling “Make it go away!”
Just make a smile come back and shine just like it used to be
~Hate Me by Blue October

That's pretty much what I feel like right now. My house is so empty and lonely. And last night was the absolute most horrifying night of my life. I lost the most precious thing to me. the TWO most precious things to me. My two dogs. Both of them, they're gone. And I'll never get to see them again.

Last night around 6:30 (Michigan time) while I was at skating, my two dogs, Casey and Zeus, got out of our yard. And they wondered into the ontersection right by my house. And they... got hit by a car. Both of them did. My mom told me that when she picked up Casey she was extremely limp, but she whimpered so she knew she was still alive. And she rode with them to the vet, and by the time they got there, Casey was gone. And Zeus had a fracture in his spine and the vet said that he would probably never walk again. So they... told us that it was best for him if they put him to sleep. When I got home at 9 at night, they told me about what happened. And they sadi they were going up to the vet to see what was going on with Zeus. (this was before they were gonna put him down) And asked if I wanted to go. But I said no and that I was gonna get into the bath. And my sister Jessie was at the house but she was leaving. So she called my other sister Brenna to see if she could come over an d stay with me. So she did. And as I as getting out of the bath My parents called and asked if we wanted to come up cuz they were gonna put Zeus to sleep. so we went up. And I got to say bye to them both. Although Casey was already dead. And she was really cold..

But.. I thought I would tell you guys. Cuz I know I can find comfort in you all. And I'm really really sorry, but I have no energy to visit. And, if you haven't already figured, I'm not really in the mood. I'm so sorry.
And please don't ind all the errors of my typing. I just don't even care anymore..

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