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Thursday, October 26, 2006

No quote today, sorry!

Today, I had to leave school early for my dentist appointment. And when me and my mom are almost there she said something about me getting my teeth cleaned. And I was like, ďAgain?Ē And she gave me this stupid look and said, ďAgain? When did you get them cleaned before?Ē And I was like, ďright before the wedding!Ē And when we got there, it turned out that my appointment for today was my original appointment, but my mom switched it to before the wedding so my teethers were clean for the wedding. XD It was funny.

And now, Iím just waiting for my friendís mom to pick me up for skating. Speaking of, I have a synchro camp thing tomorrow. So I wonít be able to be on much tomorrow. Cuz I have that at 6 and before that, I have to do some baking. ^_^ Canít wait for that. Tollhouse cookie squares, and Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispy treats. Mmmmm... Canít wait for those!

Well my friends... I have about 5 minutes before Iíll be leaving... Approximately. So, Iím very sorry that I canít get to sites today. Iíll try to after I get home and do my homework. And my stupid English project. We have to find lyrics that go with the themes of the 3 acts in the play we just read. I thought it would be easy. But that was a dropkick to the face right there. Cuz itís like, 10x harder than I thought it would be.

Time to go!

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