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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Well my friends, it's been quite some time since I've posted eh? Sorry bout that. Things have just started calming down. And I have some free time to come on and visit and comment and all that jazz.

Today at three Iím meeting up at my church with my youth group and weíre going out to the Dodgeís house. They go to our church. We went over there last Halloween time and it was really fun. But now we have a new youth pastor, and we donít watch the kidís from Grace anymore, and our youth groupís pretty small now, so I donít know how fun itís gonna be. But Iíll make the best of it. What else am I gonna do on this Saturday afternoon? I mean itís 1:51 as I type this. Already that lateÖ and all Iíve done was watched a couple a movies and came online. Big whoopÖ XD
But I love you guys! So itís alright.

Lately, Iíve been at PopCap.com. Boy, the games there are so much fun. My recent favorite game there is Insaniquarium It sure is fun. But itís kinda pointlessÖ But itís SO much fun! ^_^ Especially the Deluxe version. *is happy*

I canít think of anything else to say really.. OH! Iím so excited for the new Fan Manga section here on TheO. Thatís so amazing. I canít wait to see some of the stuff people upload in it. Itíll be sweet.

Well, Iíll let you guys go. Iím sure youíve got things to do and other people to visit besides myself. So farewell! And have a nice weekend! ^_^
Iíll leave you with a video or two to enjoy.

And DN Angel

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