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Friday, October 13, 2006

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This comes from another Dane Cook skit. About a lady getting hit in the face with a tire. It's a bit of a long one, sorry. But it's SO worth it!
"You see everyone dives and at the last minute as the tire is rocketing at her
face. This is her defense. She goes OOOOO!
Like she's just gonna get in a slap fight with a Goodyear.
Like she's just gonna go PAH and deflect it.
Or maybe she just palmed it PAH.
There can only be one Highlander! Tires cannot defeat me!
What a horrible way to go...What happened to Mary?
A tire... hit her in the face. How do you say that without laughing.
A tire- I can't even do it now! How did Mary die? A TIRE hit her in the FACE!
What was she doing putting her face near tires?
No no no no this tire hunted Mary down. This tire murdered Mary.

Well, I have a free hour or so before the rehearsal dinner tonight. So I'm checkin in again. ^_^

Thanks so much the few of you who have already given me some advice for my drawing. I appreciate it. I'll get on that once the wedding is over. Oh and Kilwoon, my sister is getting married. ^_^ And I'm a Bride's mate.. maid.. Whatever it is. XD I don't even know what I am!

AND I wanted to let you guys that things mbetween me and Sara are cool again. I don't know what happened but we just started talking (texting) and just kinda talked things out calmly. And hopefully, if I'm allowed to, I'm gonna go to a haunted house with her, Hillary, Isaac and Scott. I don't even like haunted houses but Isaac is going to Olivet which is outta state and we won't ever get to see him cuz He's going into the Army Reserve also. Sad really..

Well.. I'll try to get to a couple of you if I can. I might have to get reday though. So I'm sorry if I can't get to you all... Like usual.. ^_^'
Farewell my friends!

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