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Thursday, October 12, 2006

.:.: [ [[||Quote||]] ]:.:.
""Optimus Prime come here for a second,
I wanna talk to you. Come here. You sit next to Megatron,
We're gonna have a little chit-chat over here.
I am the Cobra Comander in this.. RHRHRHRHRHRHR!!!!
Oh Dane Cook and your kid naming..

I'm terribly, horribly sorry you guys. I keep doing this, I'll say I hate not being able to visit even though I make a post. But I just keep doing it. I try to visit, but every time I do, I've got something else I HAVE to do. Usually around the house or for the wedding.. It sucks.
Speaking of the wedding, It's this Saturday! AND Saturday is Sweetest Day. What is Sweetest Day really about? I don't have a clue..hmmm...
Well, I don't know. I lost my train of thought cuz Tyler started crying.. My mom went to go get her nails did for the wedding. So I'm on babysitting time.. It's nice cuz they're just swinging in there swings sleeping. Makes it easy for me, for sure. ^_^

So have you heard about the contest here for Halloween? I was visiting Adam, and he had a link up for the contest information in yesterday's post. But to make it easy for ya, I'll put it up too. Click Here and it will take you to the information. I just saw an E-card made by EdwardElricthe2nd. It was SCAAAAAARY! XD But that's good. That's what the E-cards are meant to be. ^_~ Great job EE2!
I was thinking about getting back into my drawing again. I haven't drawn anything in a while. And I wanna put an entry in the contest. I don't think I've actually ever entered a drawing contest.. But before I show you what I've got, you should probably read the contest rules/information if you haven't already. That way I don' have to repeat myself x10. ^_^ And I don't wanna hear anybody sayin,'What in the world is going on in this picture?!'

Oh my, Tyler sounds so goofy when he cries. ^_^ Better take care of that real quick.. Oh my.. He won't stop! MOMMY! WHERE ARE YOOOOUUU!!!!

Sorry about that. Random ADD.. XD But anyway, here's what I've got so far for my contest entry..

What do ya think? It's Winry dressed as Inuyasha. ^_^ I thought it was creative. I'm gonna ink it and color it sometime. But I just want some suggestsions before I do. Critique it, ya know. The viewers opinion.
And I know it's not the greatest, but I did what I could. Especially since I've never really drawn a chibi before. It's my first good one actually. So what do ya think?
And I'll take suggestions for colors or backgrounds or anything about the drawing. Anything at all.. ^_^

Well, I hate to "post and run", but I need to go start cleaning the living room before my mom gets home. Cuz she asked me to do that when I got a free moment. ^_^ Again, I'm REALLY sorry I can't visit. Maybe later on I'll try to get on and do it. Hopefully I'm not too busy. *sighs deeply*
Farewell my friends.

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