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Friday, October 6, 2006

No quote or anything again. I'm in first hour, AGAIN! ^_^ I love it. I'm such a sneak. I've got like, ten minutes left of class. It's nice. And today comcludes my Spirit Week at school. Let me tell you what, my grad. class sucked this week! XD It was awful!

Oh, and I feel really down right now. My really good friend pretty much told me off yesterday. It was nice. And of course, the entire thing was my fault. And I talk trash about her, and I ditch her, and I treat her like crap, and I do all this other stuff to her. But NO. She hasn't done ANYTHING to me. Never. Which is a bunch of bull. Cuz on HER birthday I got in trouble or not being at her house and being at the fair instead. But SHE wanted to go to her friend's bonfire. So we had to leave so she could go. But somehow it's MY fault that I ditched her. It's crap..
And I pretty much can't stand her right now. It's pretty bad. And I'm positive she hates me and wants NOTHING to do with me right now. Which is fine with me. If she's gonna act like that, then I don't care. I don't know how many times she told me I was being a bitch. But of course, she wasn't being one AT ALL. Tha makes no sense to me..

Ope.. Class is over! Sorry about the rant. But thanks for reading it anyway! *huggles*

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