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Friday, September 22, 2006

"If it weren't for me, then you'd be dead."
~Three Doors Down

Well my wonderful friends. I have reached 1000 visits exactly. That makes me happy. But I gotta ask, does anybody know how the visits work? Does it just go by how many times people actually go to my site or does it have something more specific going on? Cuz I'll get like 1 visit or so, but I'll have like, 6 comments when I post. It's weird. But oh well.. I don't care! I've got friends like you guys who come and visit me! And that makes me happy. *huggles you all*

I just found out that my computer has Movie Maker on it.. Had I known that sooner, I might have made some videos by now. But we had to make one in Computer Management. I did mine on my arena's Ice Show. It was great.. It was more like a slide show though..

Both yesterday and today, I had a really good time practicing at skating. Like today, I was one the ice for around 2 hours and I only got off 1 time to get a drink of water and blow my nose. X3 And the rest of the time I was practicing my dances. It was fun. And it was so empty on the ice. St. Claire Shores is this weekend. So basically all the skaters are off competing.. All but me! And some others. I don't like competing by myself.. Oh well. I hope they all do well.

Click here please! It's another flash I stealed from The78thdude. ^_^ I love those things! And yes, I said stealed! Yay for improper english! XD

Tomorrow is my friend's birthday. She's getting her liscence and we're gonna spend the day out. So I won't be on tomorrow probably. Her party is tomorrow. And I'm staying the night over there... You MIGHT get lucky on Sunday though..
Monday is my other friend's birthday. I'm excited. ^_^

Well, I'm outta here guys.

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