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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"The last little piggy, his house is made of gold
He lives in a mansion on his own private road
I started walking down it, the guard he told me wait
I bounced off his head and did a Jackie Chan over the gate
I love this song!

Wow... I submitted like, 4 or so wallpapers a few days ago, and NONE of them are up. I don't think they made it through. T^T I'm re-submitting them right now. With a couple more as well. They're all from Chrno Crusade. Screenshots actually. I couldn't help myself.
Oh! And speaking wallpapers, my FMA wall just reached 100 downloads. That makes me SO happy! That's 10 more downloads than I have votes for fanart! XD Amazing..

Today was alright. I have French homework, but that's it. I'm surprised cuz I haven't had much homework this week. That makes me happy. XD

I'm listening to the song my quote is from. It's called 'Piggy Pie. It's a good one. ^__^ If you like ICP at least. I'm hopin at least Lytjuh has heard this song. Please tell me you have! *begs*

*sigh* I have to shower before I eat and go to church. I'll try to visit as many sites as I can. But I gotta make sure I have enough time to do my homework AND take a shower before dinner. If I go quickly, I should be alright. So if I comment and it's crazy short, I'm sorry about that.

I'm gonna have two quotes today! ^__^ This one's from the same song as the other, 'Piggy Pie'.

"He blew me off the porch, and cracked my head in half
But I'm a Juggalo, so it only made me laugh

*glomps* He's so adorable!

Uh-oh! I had to come back and put this in my post.. Sorry. ^_^'
But last night, my fish tank was outta control. And it was SO loud. So I went upstairs to get some water to put in it. And while I was pouring the water in it, I saw my new catfish, it wasn't dead, but it wasn't gonna be livin much longer with the way it was floatin around like it was. That was kinda upsetting to see. Since I JUST got it. What was a smack to the face for ME was to see that my older catfish (by older I don't mean that it's really old, just older than the other one) was dead, at the BOTTOM of the tank. And I don't even know how long he's been dead. He was starting to turn red, it was awful to look at.. But I got a net and scooped the two of them out. The newer one was already dead at this point. But while I was trying to flush'em (yes I still flush my fish), it turns out one of each of their fins had gotten stuck in the net. So I tried shaking them out of the net. It didn't work. I went out to our living room and told my mom they were stuck. But she refused to get up and help me. So I went and got a rubber glove to try to pull them out of the net. But the feeling of trying to pull my stuck, dead catfish out of a net was mortifying. I started crying really hard. I was having a really difficult time, physically AND mentally. I mean, My first catfish, I've never even been slightly attached to ANY fish I've ever had. But him, I freakin talked to him! Of course, he never talked back... But I finally squeezed my eyes shut and got the smaller, newer one unstuck. But in the process, my other catfish's OTHER fin got stuck. And I couldn't get him unstuck. So I wiped my eyes, blew my nose and went and got some scissors to cut the net. It wouldn't cut real easily. And I started bawling some more. I couldn't stand seeing my fish like that.
It hurt. It hurt real bad. It took me at least 10 minutes to get them upstairs and flushed down the toilet..

Dammit, now I'm crying again..
Sorry about that.. I had to get that out..

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