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Thursday, September 14, 2006

"If I was a chair, I'd be like, 'Sit here!'"
My goodness, Lytjuh got me re-hooked on them. ^___^

It's a little late for a post but oh well.. I know some of you like to go on during the wee hours of the night. Crazy people. I'm exhausted in the morning if I stay up past 10 on school nights. It's sad.

Well, I guess I'll give you all an update on school. Things are going MUCH better then they were before. MCUH better. I got switched out of my first hour, America at war O.o (who would honestly be excitd to take that? Not me!) and into Computer management 1. Since I'm kinda computer retarded. Right now we're making movies (duh) in Movie Maker. I'm doing mine on skating. Tomorrow is the last day we have to work on it and I just got switched into that class on Wednesday. It's crazy! Oh well..
Lunch, oh my lunch. Lunch is a nightmare. There's basically only ONE girl that I really know and talk to. And Today, I couldn't find her so I sat at a lunch table by myself, in the corner. I was kinda sad. But I just kept on eating my chicken basket. ^__^ Yuuuummy! I didn't really mind that I was alone. But then like, 5 minutes before lunch was over I found her. She felt bad that I was alone, but I told her not to worry and that I was fine.
But 5th hour, oh my 5th hour! XD I love that class, but I absolutely hate the hour that I have it. I have last lunch which means I go directly from lunch to 5th hour. Which for me, is Aerobics.. I absolutely love that class, but I feel like I'm gonna throw up just about everyday. I don't think they should have an aerobics class directly after lunch.. It's awful! *cries*

Well, I think I might go watch so more Chrno Crusade. I sure do love it. And I've been waiting ever so patiently for Ouran High School Host Club to have the next episode subbed. I'm so glad Elves got me hooked on it. ^___^

Well my lovely and wonderful friends.. It's time for me to leave. Have a wonderful night, day, whatever it is where you live! XD

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