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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh my. O_O On Monday, I spent $50 on fricken school supplies. My mom didn't have enough money so I kindly told her I would buy it. Big mistake. Now I'm completely broke.

On 9/11, I went to my friend Hillary's house cuz it was her birthday. And she suddenly blurts out, "Oh my god you guys! Let's drive up to Walmart and get a fish! I really want a goldfish right now!" It was hilarious how random it was. But we drove up to Walmart, got some fish (I bought a catfish and a shark). I was sad though cuz my shark died within a half hour of buying it. So in a minute my sister is taking me oto Walmart to get a new one. My catfish is doing good though. I felt bad for him cuz his little antenna thingy was partially bitten off. AND it got stuck in the net when the girl was trying to catch it. But he's now safely in my fishtank with my other catfish. I don't know why but I love catfish. ^_^ I'm odd I guess.. XD

Well, I guess I have to go. My sister doesn't have much time. I've visited people that have updated til this point. ^_^ Have a nice night! I don't think I'll be back on tonight. I have to go to church tonight.

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