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Monday, September 11, 2006

Like most people here, I would like to take a moment of silence for 9/11.
*bows head*

Alright, a happier side of 9/11 is that it's my friends birthday! I'm going over to her house tonight to celebrate. It should be lots of fun.

Ok ok, a lot of you wanted to know about my canoe trip... So I'll tell you some stories..

The weather wasn;t all that nice so me and my canoe partner Sara were paddling at an incredible speed to get to where we were eating lunch. I mean it started thundering and we booked it man! It was crazy. Then we went swimming after lunch and headed back for the canoe launch. On the way, a guy named Mark, one of our old youth helpers, said he was gonna tip me and Sara, but he said he would wait til after lunch. Then our youth pastor Karl, on the way back down stream (we headed upstream the back downstream after lunch), He decided to tip us since he was right in front of us. I got hit with my paddle. It hurt but it's getting better..

Crap. My mom wants to take me school shopping. So I'll try to get back on and repost the other stories. I have homework though so I don't know if I'll be able to. I'll try to tomorrow though!
I visited already. ^__^
Bye now!

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