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Thursday, September 7, 2006

.:.:{Quote of today}:.:.
I think will be at the beginnning of the post. ^_^

Sorrow in my soul
Cause it seems that wrong
Really loves my company
~Unfaithful by Rihanna
I love that song... ^____^

*sigh* I don't really think I'll make it to sites tonight. My day has been rough. Second day of school and I HATE it. And that basically sums up the school story. But I'll still say just a little more.
I have this class called America at war. Thinking about it now, I'm an idiot for even thinking t would be an interesting class. I mean, I don't even like History, of ANY sort. So I went down to my counsoler when they called me down, and she said that she could not garuntee I'll get switched out. So I talked to Mr. Leermont (I don't know how to spell that, but that's what it sounds like. XD) and he told me that they have a "No Choice Switching" policy. And what I wanted to do was a choice switch. And the two classes that I had in mind were full anyway. But I really don't want to be in this class. I just don't feel I'll be able to retain the information. And keep up with all the work. It sounds hard. And I know myself better than that. So that basically ruined my already ruined day. I don't know almost anybody in any of my classes. The only on I know an abundunce of people is Frnch. But it's basically jusy my same classmates from last year. Nothing new. But I know like, 2 or 3 people TOPS in any of my classes. And the ones I do kow, I don't even sit anywhere near them. AND I have C lunch, or LAST lunch, which is basically ALL Freshman. Which I hate. And I don't know anybody except like, one girl in that lunch. I barely see any of my friends at all anymore.. It's hard, that's what I'm used to. And I can't take it. It's hard for me to cope with.

And I know I posted kinda late last night, but if you all could check out that post, I'd appreciate it. Unless you are Jaguar, Delphine or Len23. Since you 3 already commented. And you don't really have to comment, I would just appreciate you reading. But you don't have to if you don't want to. I'd never force it on you.

But on a lighter note, I'll be switchin up my site and theme sometime soon. It all depends on how quickly a very special friend of mine here works. I'm sure she knows who she is when I say this too... Hopefully.. But I don't want to reveal who it is today! ^_~ BWUAHAHAHAHA evil me. And... special friend of mine(hoping you know who you are ^_~), please don't think I'm trying to rush you when I say this either. I want you to work at your own pace. I have enough patience for it. ^_^ And I'll wait as long as I need to.

And I know this might make the post a lttle bit long, and you don't have to read this part if you don't wanna. Again, it's up tp you. ^_~ I'm gonna do the comment commenting thing. Just to give it a try.

Jaguar: No worries, I can understand how days can get crazy.
And this phantom PM, it's driving me up the wall! XD
And yes, I knwo for sure that he knew he had HIV. Cuz he told her that he knew. The bastard..

Delphine:Yes the story is a sad one. And about my friends and this guy, the worst part(this is from what I've been told. assuming it's true) is that he had said that he wanted to marry Angelica.. I'm not sure if he had said that to Alex as well.. But it's bullshit cuz he'll make out with Alex and then like, behind her back he'll like, cuddle and crap with Angelica. And it's a really confusing situation. And it makes ME uncomfortable...

Len23: Yes yes.. poor lady. I feel very sorry for her. And thanks! You have a good weekend too! ^_^

Oh no! I almost forgot my darling Kitsune!
Kouun Kitsune: You snuck your comment in there while I was typing this. sneaking girl you. ^_~ *hugs* Yup, he basically deserves to die. Seeing as he indirectly is killing this poor girl..

Well... I don't know what else to say.. I'm not sure I'll be able to visit you all. So if anybody doesn't happen to get around to visiting me, I understand. But if you do happen to read this, just know that I greatly appreciate it! ^_^ *huggles you all*

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