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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I'm really sorry for the late post but I felt I needed to tell you this.
I just heard the most gut wrenching story on the radio I've ever heard. So here it goes:

This man and this woman were together for 7 years. Something happened (when she called in, she didn't say why. But it's not really important). But the broke up. And the girl goes to the doctor sometime later and finds out she has full-blown AIDs. And she's only got 6 months to live. Apparently she had gotten HIV from her boyfriend of 7 years. But what makes it worse is the fact that he knew he had HIV from the beginning. He knew. If you love somebody enough to stay with them for 7 fricken yeas, you wouldn't do that to them. So now this poor girl has to deal with that. And the fact that she could die within half a year at least. What she was saying to Big Boy (the radio host at the time) is that she doesn't think he deserves to live anymore. And I don't think so either. If he knew, then that's like an attempted murder right there.

Ugh.. I'm sorry, today just hasn't been a good day. First day of school sucked, I had to listen to my friend summarize what's going on between these two other friends of mine who like the same guy. Which is a situation that killed me to have to listen to. And the fact that he's basically playing them both. Which is a situation I know too well. Don't ask, cuz I won't tell. Sorry, but I'm not real comfortable with sharing. ^_^ Please understand.

Again, I apologize for posting so late.

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