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Monday, September 4, 2006

Oh my, I really hate laptops sometimes.. I tried commenting on a few peoples sites, and it kept telling me I had to be a registered member to leave comments. And I know VERY well that I'm registered and logged in. It's tickin me off! I don't really know what the problem is though. I don't even know if it's actually the laptop or not. Actuall, I'm pretty sure it's the laptop. It's saying I don't have cookies enabled.. So I can't log in. But the weird thing is, is when I'm on my Backroom I'm logged in. And I can even update. But if I want to look at fanart or even go to one of your pages and comment, it says I'm not logged in. It's really strange.. Bah who cares anymore.. No sense dwelling on it. Atleast I get to update. ^_^

Well, it's 1 AM and surprisingly I'm up and updating! ^_^ But only cuz I love you guys. That and the fact that today is Labor Day. And my family is getting together so I won't be able to go online all day probably. And I thought I would at least tell you guys what's going on with me. I visited earlier. So I at least caught up with you all a little bit. ^____^

Well.. I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day! And have fun! ^_^ *huggles*

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