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Friday, August 25, 2006

I got all of my visiting done up to this point. I'm very proud of myself right now. I haven't been slacking off when it comes to visiting you guys. And I REALLY appreciate those of you who come and visit me as well. I was reading Dagonnova's post today, and her getting all mushy like that made me think about how much you guys make me happy. And just like she said, you gusy are just as important to me as the people I see everyday, face-to-face.
But enough of that! This is NO time to get mushy!

Today, I think I might be going to the movies with my sister. We're gonna see Step Up. I'm excited. Have any of you seen it? I sure hope it's as good as it looks. ^_^ I'm sure it is if my sister is gonna go back and see it AGAIN. And it'll be nice, me and her do have much "quality time" together. Last time we went to the movies, we went and saw Click. I thought it was really good. And sad. I cried IN THE MOVIE THEATER! I'm really emotional when it comes to movies though. It's weird really.

I've decided that I'm gonna start watching Chrno Crusades. It looks really interesting and I keep seeing it EVERYWHERE. And I want to see what it's all about. besides, I haven't seen any new anime in a while. So I think it's time. Oh! Here's a random question for you guys:
Have you seen Crhno Crusades? And if so, how much did you like it?
^_^ It's a two part question.
Well, time to go. Mom is kickin me off. XD

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