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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aaaaaaw thanks guys! I really appreciate your support for my testing. Everything went really well. And I passed BOTH of my tests. And just to clear up any confusion, I was testing stuff for figure skating. Not somethin for school or anything. But I STILL appreciate the support that was given. And thanks Elves, I like to think I'm a talented skater. But at times, I just feel like I suck. But that's just how it is sometimes. Only natural really..

But anyway, my first test was for freestyle. I'm not very high in that but I was still nervous. That's where I have to learn a program and skate it for the judges, with certain requirments like jumps and spins. My spins were kinda travely, which isn't good. But whatever, I passed! XD
And my second test was a dance test. I wasn't nervous at all for that though. Altough, I didn't pass the dance I tested LAST time I tested it. But I did this time so it's all good.

Well, today I don't have much more going on. Testing was draining mentally AND physically so I don't know what I'll do for the rest of the say. It was funny cuz right before I went on the ice to do my freestyle program, my mom told me that if I pass, she'll take me to lunch. But if I don't, I don't get to eat... for a week. XD but she was kidding about the second part. I think... I hope! O_O but overall it was a fun day. And I enjoyed it.

I guess I'll go and visit sites now. What fun. MORE typing. XD I'm so lazy I love it! ^_^
Alright, I'm going to put a couple of short videos up of crazy cats. If you don't wanna watch them, that's fine with me. BUT YOU'LL BE MISSIN OUT! XD I feel bad for some of these cats. Especially the first one. I'm mean the cat coulda put a hole in the wall I swear!

The next one is sad and I feel sorry for that cat. But at the same time, I just can't help but crack up at it.

I saw this on Jaguar's site, it's pretty funny.

And this last one is just some more crazy cats. ^_^

Oh, and here's one of a CRAZY dog! It's hilaarious!

Well, I hope you enjoyed those if you watched them.

Also, me and salorfire started an Ouran Club. I know I know, I always say I don't join clubs, but how can I saw no to that Host Club? ^_^ Just let either of us know if you'd like to join. It'd be appreciated.

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