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Thursday, August 17, 2006

So I've been wanting to change my layout.. AGAIN! XD I'm soo bad. I know, but I want to do another Ouran-based layout. Cuz I just adore that show. I love you Elves for getting me hooked on that! ^_~ I also kinda want to do another Loveless layout. Aaaaah! I hate the decisions! it's soo difficult! Bah, look at me, complaining about which layout I should do. What a baby.. XD but what do you guys think? Should I do a layout with the WHOLE host club? Or should I do another Loveless layout? Or do you have any OTHER suggestions? I'm up for any! ^_^

I was at the rink today for 5 hours. It was crazy. And about 4 1/2 of thos hours I was actually skating. Outrageous I tell ya. But then again, I'm testing next week so I need all the practice I can get. I really can. ^_^ But I'm kinda excited to test this. It's gonna be my first Freestyle program that I've had to test. Actually, it's my first freestyle program ever. Which is actually kinda sad. But I don't really like freestyle. And btw, if you have absolutely NO clue what I'm talking about, just let me know. and I'll explain it a little better. XD

Tonight at 7:20, my friend Sara and my friend hillary's mom have this All Star game for softball that I'm going to. I'm pretty excited for that actually. It should be interesting. ^_^ But I' kinda sad. Cuz after this game, softball season will be officially over. T^T And I REALLY enjoyed going to watch! Compared to last year, geeeez, last year my mom literally had to drag me out of the house to go to just ONE of her softball games. Now, I was going even when she wasn't. XD That's me!

Well, I'm gonna go for now. I already visited people today! ^_^ I'm gettin pretty good at it again. I used to NEVER visit people. But I'm starting to more and more. I'm very proud of myself actually. XD Have a good day! Or night, depending on where you are. ^_^

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