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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I suppose I could spare a COUPLE a minutes and tell you guys the other story. ^_^ Seeing as most of you wanted to hear. I half planned on just telling you it today, so that my last post wouldn't be so tremendously long. ^_^ And I really appreciate you guys for actually reading it all. Cuz I know I would have had a hard time making it through all that... ^_~ But anywho, on with the story!
Ok, so this was Friday night during and after the water/shaving cream fight. I came out of the church and walked out back and this kid named Jason ran up and popped a water balloon over my head. (I knew I was gonna get wet so I wore my bathing suit. Always gotta be prepared! ^_^) And then, Jesse ran up and smeared shaving cream all over my face. And let me tell you, shaving cream tastes AMAZING! .:Note the HEAVY sarcasm:. And we were all just throwing it and rubbing it on people. It was really fun. Then we migrated over to the side of the church kinda by where the hose was. My mom called me and I had to have Jason hold it to my ear so I didn’t get shaving cream all over it. Which I ended up doing anyway. XD Then, Nicole and Nathaniel’s mom wanted to know if we wanted to go back to their house for some pizza, and go for a swim. But of course, like any parent, she didn’t want us in her van all covered in shaving cream. I can understand why too. We were COVERED in it. So we turn on the hose and start washing off. And when I get it all off me and out of my hair, Jesse kept telling me I missed some. And he kept pointing and pointing at my hair. And I’m like, “I don’t have any in my hair!” So he walks up and he’s like, “Right THERE!” And smears it all over my hair. I honestly never saw it coming. XD I was THAT oblivious. So we go over to their house finally. And immediately we jump into the pool. It felt so warm but it was actually kinda cold. ^_^ And they had this floaty alligator thing that me, Alex and Sara kept trying to all get on. But we kept flipping over. But we got it a couple of times. And when we did, Nathaniel or Jesse would come over and flip us off. Then we got out and Alex and I took a shower together. CLOTHED, mind you. But while we were in there, we just kinda left the door open. Oooppsss It was so funny cuz we kept talking and just making random noises. And Jesse walks by and stops and asks us what we’re doing. So we poke our heads out from behind the shower curtain and say at thee same time, “Showering!” And he calls us dorks and walks away. And Alex had her pants rolled up and water kept filling up the cuff part of the fold. So she’s like, “It’s like Lake Erie in my pants!” It was hilarious. Then we had pizza. Alex, Sara, Nicole and I all went back to my house for the night. And we stayed up past 3:30 and Sara got up at 6 to take a shower before we had to leave for my church’s softball tournament. It was outrageous. And before we went to sleep, we were listening to some Dane Cook. It was SO funny. My mouth was hurting from laughing so hard. But we woke up (not the best way to wake some up by yelling ‘UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP!’ it gets really old, REALLY fast. -_-) I couldn’t take it. I think I actually kicked Sara cuz she wouldn’t leave me alone. But all in all it was fun. We were 2nd in the division. The first place team SLAUGHTERED us. It was 1 to 13. And that 1 run was from the first inning. It was awful. But we did really well the 2 games prior. I was VERY proud of them.
Weeeellll… there’s the story for you guys! I hope you enjoyed it. ^_^ As for me, I enjoyed thinking about it. It was a really fun night. And today, I just got back from skating. I have to go back up to the rink for Synchro tonight. That should be fun.. .:More sarcasm:. ^_~ I’ll visit sites now. And after, I’ll reward myself with some lunch! ^______^ Oh and Dumiel, I know that sounds like a lot of kids, and it was, but no. I don’t work at a day care. It was for Vacation Bible School at my church. ^_^

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