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Monday, August 14, 2006

Warning: This is one LOOOOOONG post. So be ready for it. I have warned you. I'll be telling you about what happened over the days. They were busy.
Alright, a new week is here! FINALLY! ^_^ Last week was one hell of a week. Emphasis on HELL. Those kids were CRAZY! I have lost all patience up till this point, and skating last night just sent me over the edge. I was about this *shows with hands pinched VERY close together* close to just going crazy out on the ice. I seriously almost lost it. Which would not have been good.
But during VBS, I was basically in charge of this little boy named CJ. Now CJ, he's more than a handful. I feel really bad for him cuz it's not really HIS fault that he doesn't listen to what you tell him. I don't really know what happened but circumstances being what they are, his grandma takes care of him. And she's way too old to be taking care of a boy his age with an attitude like he has. She basically lets him do whatever he wants. So when anybody else (lets say myself for now) tries to tell him to do something, he just says no. No matter what you tell him. Like one day, we were going out behind the church to where the crafts were. And he was upset cuz he didn't get to be in the front of the line. Which he ALWAYS wants to be first. So I told him he has to stay with me. And he said he didn't want to. So I told him it doesn't matter where you are in line, we're all going to the same place. And he resisted with all he had not to let me hold onto him. While we were in the grass, he started to try and fight me off of him saying he wanted is grandma. And he tried to hit me. So I told him these exact words, "CJ, you do NOT hit me." And he started crying, so me and the head teacher had to give him a decision of either being taken to his grandma, or going to crafts and having fun. After a few minutes, he finally decided to come to crafts.
But that was a long story. And I feel bad cuz I have ANOTHER story too. And it's been a couple of days since I've updated so I'll go for it. ^_^
From the beginning, I can't remember if I told you how I was supposed to help with games or not. I faintly remember saying something about it so I won't go into that. SO, Tuesday, I couldn't go to VBS cuz I had Synchro practice at the rink. So I come back on Wednesday. And we take the kids to games. Jesse comes over to where Alex Hillary Hailey, his game helpers Tima and Nathaniel and I are. And basically yells at us GIRLS saying that if we don't play the games with the kids, we're not allowed to participate in the water fight Friday. I'm thinking, 'who are you to tell me what to do with these kids? You're not the one that has to deal with them for 2 1/2 hours!' But that's not what pissed me off. What pissed me off was how he was yelling at US and not the people who were SUPPOSED to be HELPING with the games!! I get so irritated just thinking about it. Cuz it wasn't like they were just taking a break. Tima came over and was flirting with Hillary. This is her ex that I donít like. ^_^ And Nathaniel was talking to me and Alex. And Jesse comes over and yells at US. NOT HIS FREAKING HELPEEEERRRRSSS!!! Oh my god I'm pissing myself off just typing this. So I'm done. I can't handle it right now. But I must admit, the water/shaving creme fight was SO much fun. And that's another story. Shit! I have 2 more stories to tell you! And this is a REALLY long post already! So please just bare with me.
Since I'm still irritated with my last story, I'll just run off that irritation into this next story.
Being a helper with the kids means you stay with them until VBS is OVER. That includes staying with the kids in the sanctuary after they've done their crafts, games, snacks, etc. Well, one of the nights, I was literally the ONLY teen in the sanctuary. The ONLY one. Everybody else was outside throwing the balls from games at each other. That angered me SO much. So that night I was texting both Sara and Jesse. I don't really remember what I was talking about with Sara, but with Jesse, I just asked him how long he was outside throwing the balls at each other. And he said till 9:30. And the kids go into the sanctuary at 8:20-30-ish. So I said that was a LOONG time, that I had missed. And he asked me where I was during "the fight". By this time I was already beginning to get pissed off. So I could tell there was a lot of venom and anger in my statement when I said, I was inside with the kids. Doing my JOB for VBS. I don't remember what he said but I told him that I knew where my priority lies. And he's like, lol where is that? I says to him, youíre not taking me seriously are you? And this was his exact statement, kinda lol I like that you were in there but I like harassing you. I lost it right there. I started crying from all the emotions I had inside of me. I was so frustrated. I just couldn't take it. And he told me after a while that I should tell them (as in the teens) that they should be inside until VBS is over. Cuz they won't listen to him, Karl or Rachel. (Youth pastor and his wife) So I asked him, "And what makes you think they'll listen to me?" He said he didn't know and that it was worth a try.

I'll just stop that story there. And forget the other story. I was gonna tell you about Friday night beginning with the water/shaving creme fight. but I won't. This post is FAR too long. So I'll be going now. And you're crazy if you're STILL reading this. I'll be visiting sites right now as well. ^_^

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