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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Wow, this homework is taking forever! In my drawing calss, I have to draw three skulls, but all different angles. That's fine and all, I have 1 1/2 done. And only 1 1/2 because I got the bright i dea to Stipple my second one.. Ugh.. It's taking forever. But it looks pretty sweet so it's ok. And I'm REALLY surprised with my patience with it. Two days straight and I'm not pulling my hair out yet.. But still..

I feel like that! T_T Oh weelll...

Oh boy! I discovered a new favorite anime of mine! GRAVITATION! Oh god, it's amazing! I love it! I started watching it today, and that means I've been sitting on my computer for a LOOONG time. But it's time well spent! Right now I'm waiting for the 10th episode to load. I must say, Yuki and Hiro are my favs.. I absolutely ADORE Hiro's hair! i just want to pet it! X3 And in celebration of this new found joy of mine, I think I'll put up some pictrues of it!! YAY! ^_^


*points* I wanna play with HIS hair!! ^_^
That should do for now. Well, I'll be off now! I hope your day was good! And sorry this post is soo late... my bad...^3^

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