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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I figured something out today.. My PM box was full!! So if anybody was trying to PM e.. im sorry! I shouldve checked it sooner. I was starting to wonder if I smelt bad or something, and nobody wanted to talk to me.. ^_^

Well, today is going to be an exciting day! I have to go in to skating early to practice my dances with the guy I'll be testing them with. Then it's off to BK for dinner. It's crazy, the people that work there are always the same so they know us. And they give us a WHOLE KETCHUP BOTTLE instead of those annoying little packets. its amazing! sometimes they even give a us a free meal if we dont have any money. Theyre so nice! One of the ladies went in for surgery so we are gonna make her a card! I'm actually pretty excited. but anywho, after some tasty BK I gotta come back to the rink for some more synchro practic! I'm sooooo excited for that too! Remember what I said in my last post about it? Yea, I can't wait to learn more of our program!

So how are you doing this fine February day? Anything fun? I hope so. Boring days are so not fun! WEll, I have to go so have a nice day!

This is a really nice video! I really like the song too..

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