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Saturday, February 11, 2006

So a couple of things are going on today/tonight. First, I have the last competition of the season. And I'm soo excited you don't even know! and after we compete we can start our new program for our skating rinks annual ice show we have. That's gonna be cool too cuz the theme is a jungle theme. We did eauty and the beast i think 2 years ago.

Second is that I have my school's Winterfest, well, they call it coming home. But i think that's retarded.. So I just say Winterfest. It's easier.. But I'm not gonna have ANY time to get ready. I thin I'll have maybe 2-3 hours to get ready. And i guess it's good a thing I won't take forever to get ready for the dance.

How are you all doing? I sure hope you're doing well. I am I know that much. And yesterday was such a good day. My youth group went skating at a nearby ice rink. It was sooo much fun! And i got to teach everybody how to skate! It was great! And we were passing around a water bottle on the ice, and I started crouching done while I was moving, and i don't know how it happened, but i guess i hit my toepicks and did a face plant on the ice pretty much. But I landed on my hip first, so now it's got a huge bruise on it. And it better not hurt while Icompete today. Id be disappointed...

Well I need to go, but I'll post sometime today or tomorrow and let you all know how my team did at our last competition! ^_^

It's kinda sad.. I miss Maes..

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