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Thursday, November 3, 2005


sooo today was a pretty decent day. nothing too bad happened. and im kinda thinking about changing my site! i wont tell you what but lets just say if i do change it, some one i know will be all over my site cuz she gave me the idea. but you wont know who it is or what it is until,and if, i change my theme!! hahahaha i love the sneakyness of my. EEWWWWWW i just killed a bug and its guts squished all over my hand! it was sick..

well.. *thinks* whats something good that happened today....?? OH!! I PASSED MY RIVERS TRAINING TEST!! IM SOO HAPPY! i only have to drive one more time before i can get my level 1 license. tats right, only my level 1! but thats aight, i can live with it til june.

eww...... again!! theres a whole bunch of lady bugs in my houe! i hate them cuz they keep being gay and running into the lightbulb and its making a really annoying ting sound! its bugging me so bad!

welp, i dont really have much more to say, soo...

peace homeys!

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