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Thursday, October 13, 2005

well... i thought today was gonna be better, but that idea was shot, fer sure.right after lunch i started getting really hot and my stomach was in a million knots, and i felt liking spewing all over. so i called my mom after 4th hour and had her come get me. but i took my test in 5th hour real quick before. so when i got home she gave me medicine and i asl if we had anything that would make me tired. and that i know i need to take a nap, but im just not tired. so she gave me a tylenol pm and a half hour later, at about 230ish, i went upstairs after visiting some sites and fell asleep. and i woke up at 8. it was weird cuz the way i was facing while i was sleeping, i could see out my window. and when i woke up i thought it was morning cuz it was dark. but it was only 8. it was crazy i tell ya!! but thats really all i have to say. but thanks to the few of you who have commented on all my post on my new site,a dn continually comment on my other site. these are a few people:

Night shade2
wait.. theres only two.
anywho here are the people who have commented on my site so for:

Night shade2
Dark cloud
Hazel Keys1985

if i have forgetten you for some reason, let me know!! and im only mentioning the peopel from THIS site. not my other one. cuz all you friends of mine got me from 0 visits to 75 in about a week. and i already have 40 gb signings. soo thanks soo much!! and thats really all i have to say, so im gonna put up a pic of my favorite childhood movies!! and thats besides all the disney movies i watched!!

well.. im out, so thans so much for reading!! *hugs* hugs for everybody!!

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