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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

bad day

o golly... today hasnt been very good. i guess we'll go through from the begin.. so if you get bored easily.. beware!! cuz it could have the potential of being boring listening to me complain!! but here it goes..

actually we're gonna start at lunch cuz thats when it went down hill. so today, we were all sitting at the lunch table and when everybody but my best friend katie were done eating, they wanted to go get a tea from the snack line. so we started getting up cuz katie had her breadstick left to eat. but she started freaking out telling us to sit down cuz shes not done and we're making her nervous by tanding. but that wouldnt have bothere me had it not been for yesterday! cuz yesterday at lunch the same thing happened, but it was me that wasnt done eating. and they decide theyre not gonna say anything but, "i want some tea" then get up and proceed to leave me eating. and i didnt want to sit there by my self eating so i got up and left. but what pisses me off is that we can wait for katie, but we cant wait for kayla. its not like i had a whole bunch left to eat either!!

after school though, i was gonna burn my friends a cd they all want from me and my mom asked me which one it was. so i old her and she said that it better niot have anything bad on i and that shes gonna go thru my cds and throw out the ones SHE doesnt like. THEYRE MY FREAKING CDS!! so lay off bitch!! she makes me so angry sometimes!! its soo unbelieveable. so i decided i didnt want my friends getting in trouble with this cd cuz its got the whiste song on there , if youve heard it, but it says blw my whistle bitch. which mother wont approve of so i wont burn it.. i feel bad tho cuz i said i would a couple months ago!!

and thus ends my lit bitching about today thank s for reading and have a nice day!!

o one more thing too!! i noticed that one my post about homecoming on my oher site. people only commented on that and there was not a word said about the pics. it made me laugh cuz nobody knows what the hell im talking about with that show!!

good day friends!!

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