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Friday, October 7, 2005


OOOOOOO man im in such a super mood!! i have been all day!! everything has been going soo good! its unbelieveable!

well first off, school today had shortened classes cuz we had a pep assembly today!! it was amazing!! we got to tell the frshman to go home!! it was exciting cuz last year i was a freshmen. and you remember my cousin staci? yea, shes a freshmen this year!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! I LOVE IT! but today in math we got our BUA (BENCHMARK TEST) scores, and as i was getting of the ground, i thought my teacher was gonna yell at me for sitting on the floor, but in stead she said, " you, got a hundred percent!" that made my day right there!! ive never gotten a hundred on aany actual test!! just quizzes!! also today, we had a bomb threat that said somembody was gonna blow up the school oat noon on october 7th. and for those up on ther calenders, thats today!! it wsa kinda scary!! but thats all i have to say for today!! im gonna post this same thing for now on my fallenhope!! so when my two names are highlighted,its the same thing!!

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