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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hiya everybody!
How are you all doin? I hope well.

This could get a bit long…

Yesterday, my youth group got together for an all-nighter at my house. We had a bonfire, smores, Guitar Hero 1 & 2, and a bunch of other stuff. My youth group is VERY small so we couldn’t do a whole lot. But we still had fun. It was really gay though cuz my youth pastor was having the 2 guys over at is house for the night, since you know, the guys and the girls can’t be in the same house, church rules. ^_~ But that’s not the gay part, what really made all us girls mad was that he took then back to his house at 10 FREAKING O’CLOCK! It was sooo stupid.
And speaking of the guys… I’m in a bit of a situation… There are three guys that I like. And I’m not sure who I like the most… Nathaniel, Alex or Vuko (his real name is John). Vuko is Alex’s friend that he started bring to church events. And he’s REALLY cute. I like him a lot. And he’s good at Guitar Hero so that all cool there too. But Alex is such a nice guy. I don’t like so much for his looks, but his personality. Yea I can see passed the surface. XD But he’s such much fun to be around too. And then there’s Nathaniel. He’s also extremely attractive and a lot of fun to be around. He’s kinda cocky but it’s not so bad that he’s hard to be around.
But ANYWAY, back to the all-nighter. So Karl took the guys back to his house at 10 and it got kinda boring after that. At about 11:30 -12, we prank called them a couple times. And Hillary was telling Alex that his Chinese was running late and that it would be there in about 10 minutes. My first idea was to just go over there and knock on the door and stuff like we were the Chinese people. But then my mom, MY MOM, got the idea to toilet paper Alex’s car and she found a huge roll of wrapping paper too. So we wrapped his car and put toilet paper and leaves and plastic animals on his car. The plastic animals are mine. X3 But then we went and did the Chinese thing. I have I kimono too so it was hilarious, but then Hailey COMPLETELY gave it away that we did something to his car. So Alex came out and saw his car. And he went back inside and they thought we left. Well, Karl’s house is directly across from the church. We parked the car over there so they wouldn’t see it. And we sat over there for a bit to see if they would try to come and get us back. But they didn’t and about five minutes later I told my mom I was gonna go back over and watch them and see what they were doing. They were still playing Karl’s Wii. *giggles* I was over there about another five minutes when the rest of the girls came back over and wrapped up Karl’s car next. Then we left and we haven’t heard anything from them since. But it was such a good time after that.

But I’m going to Nathaniel’s in a bit cuz he’s having a party. That should be fun.

Whoa, I swear to god I just heard somebody come in the house. But nobody’s there… O.O

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