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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh me oh my...

This past month has been a rather.. shaky one, to say the least.
I've had 4 deaths within said time period. Rather depressing, neh? First there was AJ.. Then there was Jeep.. And now 2 of my aunts have passed within the past 5 days.. Although I wasn't terribly close to them, it still hurts to know my family has lost two wonderful people.


On a lighter note...
I can't wait. I'll be turning 17 this year. And my mom said she would take me shopping. And I do so love shopping. ^3^

I also have a CSS thingamabob. Ish so purdy! It was made by Tiffanybell. And I love it so! All credits go to her for making it! You like?

Does anybody have any suggestions for a new theme? I really want to do another Loveless one, but I've done that so many times.. I just can't help my love for Loveless though. X3

And lastly, to wrap up this increasingly growing journal entry, please please PLEASE visit MilkycatsAnime! [link] She hasn't had a whole lot of traffic and she's trying to focus on this site. She's put a lot of effort into it; making bookmarks, stationary, greeting cards and many other things to come. So please visit and give her some support! I'm sure she'd love it if you did! And leave her a comment. She's a wonderful artist and I look up to her. So it'd also mean a lot to me too. I would love to watch her site grow in popularity and see her work spread.
So again, please visit!

I also don't know if I'll be able to find much time to visit. I find myself practically lving over at my friends house. And I don't have much access to a computer..
I'll do what I can, and I apologize in advance for not getting around.

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