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Friday, May 18, 2007

Hiya everybody!
How are you all doin?
Sorry I've been away for the past few days. My bad! ^^'

I really don't have a whole lot to say. Just wanted to check up on some people and whatnot.

I really want a new dog... I wanted an Akita, but then I saw a picture of a Shiba Inu... OH MY GOD! It's ADORABLE!
Here's a link to a picture of it:
Clicky here!

What do you think? Cute, neh? =^_^=

My skating team had a banquet today. It was so much fun! We had a little competition between the moms and the dads. They had to skate a little program in front of everybody that they were taught in like, 15-20 minutes, and then the synchro girls were gonna judge them. My coach called it a tie, but the moms SO had the dads beat! ^^ But it was a good time. And it was awesome cuz at the end of both the mom's and dad's programs, my parents fell. It was awesome. But I was afraid when my dad fell. I didnít want him to throw out his back. He's got back problems, and it scared me. But he was just fine. And my mom did a total "toe-pick". That was pretty good too. ^^ And just in case you don't know what a toe-pick is, it's the little picks on the front of the blade. And when you DO a toe-pick, that's when you go up on your toes while you're moving, and you face plant pretty much. *giggles*
I can't tell you how many times I've done that. X3

Then we played The Blob. It's kind of like tag, but on the ice. And the 'it' person is called the blob. And if you get tagged, you have to hook up with the blob and skate around trying to get everybody else. I never got tagged, and there was like, 5 blobs skating around. It was sooo fun.

Then there was the food.. It was alright.
And then awards and then we left.
All in all, I had a pretty good night. But now I have to try and get my English project done before Tuesday. Which is gonna be hard to do cuz I have synchro tryouts on Sunday... And I work on Monday.. There's always Saturday.. But who wants to sit around all Saturday doing homework? I guess I'll just have to sacrifice though..

Well, that's all for now! And I did a little visiting as well.

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