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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hi hi!
How's everybody doin today?
Good I hope.
I've been visiting people today, like I said I would. I'm workin on it, it's gonna take me some time to catch up with everybody. Sorry. ^_^'

Well..... Just like I was doodling Ritsuka, I doddle some pictures of Yuiko. I think I'm gonna try to do the same thing with the other charcters in the first volume. Since that's the only one I have. T^T
Here's the link to the new doodles!

Comments are not expected, but much apprecaited.

Ooooh! I went to go retrieve the URL for my drawing, and I noticed I have 100 votes finally! That makes me happy. and even though it's a low number compared to some, it makes me really happy. Thanks so much for your support! I think I'll try to do a thank you drawing to celebrate. ^^ And it's gonna star.. None other than the folks from Loveless! ^_^ It'll be a little late, but oh well. I wanna make it good. ^^

Thanks again you guys!
You're amazing! ^^

Time to go.. Duty calls!


Actually I just don't know what else to say... ^^'

My new favorite song right now is West End Riot by The Living End. It's so amazing. It makes me think of FMA. ^^ If anybody likes to make AMV's, could I ask a request of you? Pwease? *puppy eyes*
Could somebody make me an FMA AMV with this song? I'd love you forever! And I'll draw you a picture! ^^
I challenge you to do it. ^^

Anywho.. I must get going now.
Take care everybody! I'll continue to visit people!

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