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Friday, April 27, 2007

ZOMG!! I'm SO sorry for the lack of visiting I've been doing. I've just been very busy with skating. VERY. This weekend is my ice rinks annual Ice Show. And I can't wait for it. It's gonna be great! ^___^
God it's gonna be fun.

And I'm extremely hyper right now. I'm having like twitchy fingers and I keep missing keys and typing the wrong thing so PLEASE forgive all the errors. XDDD

*spaz attack*

Sorry bout that.

My sister's bringing over people to play Guitar Hero.. I'm soooo playing. Besides, they'll be playing in my room anyway. XP
I live in the basement, so I get the super big room, the big TV from the living room... It's sweet. ^__^

Oh god, what was I saying..
Right, GH. I'm soo gonna whip some butt tonight! XDD

Alright, well....

I thought I should come let you all know what's up. I probably won't get to anysites at all this weekend, let alone have access to a computer.
So please bare with me. ^_^

Love you guys!
and when I get them, I'll put up some pictures of the ice show!
Keep in mind that our theme is Peter Pan. AND THEY ACTUALLY FLY! It's soo flippin aswome.
Me and a couple other girls wanna be out in the stands, and when they start going up, stand up and scream (with a british accent) "Oh my God! They're flying!"
XD And then run off. It'd be great..

Sorry, the ADD I think I have is kickin in. I'm gonna go now.
*smiles innocently*

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