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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I warn you now, this may be long....

Another Florida story. But this one's actually humorous. I hope you enjoy it!

While on my trip to Florida, I felt somewhat like the "bodyguard" of the group. But it was fun. And one night, our last night to stay down and swim before we left to come back home, this girl staying at our hotel (we didn't know her) decides she's going to bring this big group of people dwn to party in the hot tub. They come walking in with beers and marijuana and stuff. So we're in the hot tub when the come get in too. We talk for about a minute then me and my friend Piercyn get into the pool. Soon after, Kelly, Jenna and Jessica come get in the pool too. Patricia, Jo Jo and Neil decided to stay in the hot tub I guess. Eventually, me and Piercyn went up to our room cuz we didn't want to be down there when the cops got there. Cuz some one told a parent to call the cops. It was kinda exciting. But in the meantime, a few parents, including Kelly's dad, went down to go yell at him. Mr. Woo (Kelly's dad ^^) was screaming at them And it was hilarious cuz Piercyn and I were watching it from our 4th floor room. And he's just pointin and wavin his arms around. It was funny. Then they got out of the hot tub and left.

The three girls and the boys had come up to the rooms by this time, but Patricia was still down at the pool. So we all went back down and she was PISSED. I mean, she gets pretty moody but oh my gooood.... It was crazy. We asked her what was wrong and she goes off on how We're supposed to be watching out for each other and havin each other's backs and this, this and that. She was going nutzors.

So she stomps off all pisses and moody up to the room. And while the seven of us (5 girls and 2 boys) were still in the hot tub, we see Patricia up by the room talking to the girls in the rooms next to us. And these girls were pretty much raging alcoholics. They were drunk all the time. It was outta control.

That part of the story merely leads up to the good part of the story.

So we're watching Patricia and we see her and somebody else walk in our room. And we have no idea who this person is. But Patricia walks out of the room but the other person doesn't come out with her. So when she walks in, we can see her and who ever else was in there bending over and stuff. So we're getting angry that she brought some one into our room. So I'm like, "If I don't see them come out in 60 seconds, I'm gonna be pissed. And I'm going up there to tell them off." That's where the body gaurd in me came out. lolz

So a minute goes by and I storm out of the hot tub pissed. Piercyn came with me and the 5 in the hot tub are just watching us to see what we do. So when we get up to our room, Piercyn slams her hand on the door frame and looks into the room. And I'm standing right next to her in the dorrway. And what we see shocks us more than anything.

In our room we see Patricia and......



We probably looked so dumb. And good thing we didn't go off swearin at them and stuff. But all he says to us is, "You girls really need to clean up this room! It's a pig-sti!" (sp?)

So we walk off to the hot tub cracking up at how ridiculous we just were. So we tell the other 5 what happened and we spent the rest of the night laughing at ourselves. It was great.

Well, that's probably one of the best stories I have to tell you all. I hope you enjoyed it! And sorry it was so long. ^^'

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