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Monday, April 16, 2007

As promised, here's a few stories from my trip. You may not find them funny... But I do. ^___^

Warning: Read at your own risk!

Story #1: Let's see, which one should be first... Ah! I know!
A short one, more about myself while we were down there.
I'm a picky eater, I can admit that and I know it to be true. And while we were in Florida, I wouldn't eat a lot of the food. Cuz I'm picky. ^^ So pretty much the whole trip, I was eating SpaghettiO's. They are so amazing. and I love them so much! ^_^
I'm actually cooking some right now, for lunch. X3

Story #2: We met these two boys down there, at first we thought they were stalking us. So me and my friend Piercyn finally got the balls to actually talk to them. They were pretty nice boys. 8th graders. Too young for me. ^_^ But they ended up liking my frined's Jessica and Piercyn. And it's so cute cuz they like them back! ^___^
Edit: What's good about the boys is that they live in Michigan too! It's pretty sweet.
I thought I should put that up here as to not cause confusion.
I've been talking wihth one of them since we got home. He's such a sweetheart. ^^

Wow.. I can't even keep writing. I'm having..what's it called.. Writer's block.. It sucks.
So I'm very sorry, but this is a waste of a post. I'm so sorry...
I need to go eat.

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