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Saturday, March 24, 2007

My hair is in the middle of turning blue! Yaaay!
My mom finally dyed my hair. And now I'm just waiting to wash it out. I can't wait to see how it turns out. ^____^
I decided on the black with blue streaks.
*is giddy*
I can't wait to rinse my hair!
So I wanted to come on real quick and tell you guys!
So this is all I have time for.
Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ^_^

Oh my GOD!! I have blue hair!! YES!!! I'm so exciteed!
But it kinda looks a little gray. And my hair is SO fried.. Buuutt...
I'm far from disappointed with my hair.
I can't believe my mom actually said yes! I was amazed! Now it'll only be a few weeks til the blue washes out.. Curse you semi-permanant dye! *shakes fist*

Welll... I think I'm getting sick. I've had a horendous cough lately. I'm just hoping I don't get all out sick. I won't be liking that one..

Time for church! (I'm typing this the next day)
I still hope you're having a good weekend! ^_^

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