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Saturday, March 17, 2007


I just realized something, and I don't know when it happened but.......

T^T What a happy day. I never saw it coming... I wonder when it happened.. *thinks*
Who cares! I'm a legend!
*skips and dances around*
Good thing EE2 said something about his becoming a legend.. Or else I would have NEVER noticed...
*is giddy*

Well... *composes self*
I have I party for my friend that I'm going to tonight. I'm excited. And it's a formal type of party, like homecoming or something! ^_^ I'm so excited. So when mum gets home, she's gonna put some curlers in my hair for me. I'm hopin it will turn out better than last time. ^^'
I looked like I had REALLY short hair. But now my hair's longer.. And still waiting to be dyed... T^T I want that to happen soon tooo!

Well, I'm off to go get ready! I visited sites today!
Oh! Speaking of. Ya know how it will highlight the names of peope who updated that day? Well... I was going through, and I noticed that people who updated on 3-16 were also highlighted.. But it's 3-17... What's that all about? I don't understand... Is it highlighted for me because they updated on the 17th my time but the 16th their? Or what? Cuz that would make a lot of sense..

Ah! I need to get ready! What am I doing thinking about such trivial things! *races off and shouts*
Hope everyone's doing well!
Sorry for the rush!

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